Aims Pilates

Pilates classes in Bath, Bristol, Somerset

Why Exercise with us?

AIMS PILATES offers a wide range of Pilates Matwork and Reformer Classes in Bath, Pilates studio sessions Bath.

Pilates is a great way to exercise, it's not complicated its just a good common sense approach.

Pilates enhances how we move by adjusting the foundations of our body into its best possible position and then builds strength and flexibility. Our principles include a mindful focus on alig
... nment, breath and core stability (our movement A, B & C's).


Pilates can aid with performance, but it's also a powerful tool in managing and reducing pain. I have a wide range of skills and am specifically trained in the clinical management of lower back pain.

I am a specialist in stretch and muscle release techniques (MET) combining pilates practice with isometrics to provide rapid healing and pain relief.

Pilates studio equipment (reformers, wunda chair and Cadillac table) are some of the best rehabilitation tools available.

This equipment can provide a specific challenge to groups or individual muscles helping to build a stronger and more balanced flexibility.

I am comprehensively trained in classical pilates (matwork and studio equipment). I use pilates exercises and muscle energy techniques (MET) to make lasting positive change.

I have classes for all abilities in lots of different venues.

Pilates changed my life and I am fitter, stronger and feel great inside and out.
Insured By: Arthur J Gallagher

Insured By: Arthur J Gallagher
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